Share Your Gratitude With The St. Michael Community

As we celebrate the gift of Catholic education, I would like to take the time to express our gratitude to all who so generously serve our students.   I know members of our school community have been a blessing to your child(ren) in concrete and exceptional ways.

Please spread join us in spreading the virtue of gratitude by using the form below to let me know who has been a gift in helping you personally or has helped your child(ren) grow and succeed at St. Michael.  You can choose from anyone in our community:  faculty, front office and support staff, students or parents.

After I hear from you, I will send your response to the community member(s) you named, with my appreciation.  

This opportunity will close Friday, February 8th.   

Thank you for joining me in recognizing the goodness and virtue of others.  

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sr. John Paul, O.P