March for Life

St. Michael students are standing for the dignity of every human person in the nation’s capital this January as they participate in the annual March for Life. According to their website, the March for Life is “a peaceful demonstration to share the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time, legalized abortion on demand.” Every year, tens of thousands of young people, join together to give voice to the unborn.

Since 2012, St. Michael has organized a pilgrimage to pray and witness to our faith that recognizes the dignity of all people.  The 2020 March for Life theme is “Life Empowers: pro-life is pro-woman.”

St. Michael is proud to be educating a generation of young people in the knowledge that all that is good, true and beautiful is given as a gift and given by God. Science proves that all human life is unique from its beginning. Every person is an unrepeatable gift and deserves the right to life and the experience of true freedom.

We educate our young people in the virtues of respect, patriotism, magnanimity and generosity. We see the March for Life as an ideal opportunity to put those virtues into action with a public witness. In a special way, our eighth graders know that the Sacrament of Confirmation is a sacrament that they receive for the sake of witness and being empowered by the Holy Spirit.

As a whole, we expect the four day pilgrimage to be one that will deepen their appreciation for their freedom, won at great costs, and the freedom that ought to be the gift of life for every unborn person.


Please know that all of our benefactors will be held in our prayers during this pilgrimage. Thank you for helping us give birth to greater patriotism and generosity of spirit among our youth as we stand for life in our nation’s capital.


Families who contribute $100 or more get their name listed in a variety of communications such as on the digital board in Marian Hall, a thank you communication sent out school-wide, and an insert in the church bulletin. Businesses that contribute $250 or more get their business name and logo included in these communications as well.

 We learned that it is very important to stand up and represent life no matter its state of being. Life is always precious, no matter its form, and it should not be taken away because it is the most basic human right given to us by God.