Safety During Covid

We remain committed to providing a Catholic education and formation in virtue for our students, even in a pandemic.  We work hard to ensure an environment that is safe and vigilant in safety protocols in light of COVID.

We are dedicated to offering as close to a ‘normal’ school year experience as possible, including truly human, social-emotional interaction, which is so necessary for the overall development of our students.

Our planning, preparation and execution is consistent with local health guidance, CDC recommendations and the diocesan approach guided by our Re-Opening Task Force. For additional information visit the CDC here.

Some of our safety practices include:

·       Students and staff wear masks and practice social distancing.

·       Our desks have desk shields and desks are spaced six feet apart. 

·       Students use water bottles at water bottle filling stations rather than drinking from water fountains.

·       Students wash their hands before and after meals.

·       Student traffic is paced throughout the school to limit contact.