young students smiling in front of book case
As a catechist of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program I have the privilege of observing the relationship of the child and Jesus flourish everyday. The genuine love that the child has for our Lord is shown in the most simplistic way during their work in the Atrium. Teacher
My child’s experience in the Atrium has helped her be more attentive during Mass. Last week she said, “Look! The priest is wearing purple, that is because we are preparing for Christmas.” or She understands that Jesus is truly present during the Mass. She said, “Jesus is here with us, just like the Good Shepherd is always with His sheep.” Parent
At St. Michael School, my children are given the tools they need to succeed spiritually, academically, and socially. The teachers are dedicated to the growth of each child in all of these areas; and as a parent, it is reassuring that our goals at home are shared in the school environment. Parent
I have been a part of the St. Michael School community for over five years. On the first day I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by everyone. This kind of welcoming is shown to all. Our faculty and staff are very dedicated to St. Michael School and the students both academically and spiritually. Teacher
As a parent of a Kindergartner. There is no greater gift that can be given to a parent then to have your child bring home the Rosary bag for homework. This enabled us to sit at the table as a family and pray the Rosary together. To have your 6 year old child know how to pray the Rosary is a priceless gift. My child teaches me what a Saint’s day it is and what she has learned about that Saint. Her kindergarten year has been filled with a nice balance of education and learning the faith. Parent
St. Michael’s school has empowered our children with confidence in not just their academic abilities, but more importantly in their ability to bring their Faith into everything they do. The amazing group of clergy, religious, and educators that has been brought together in this school is unlike anything else we have experienced, and the examples of how to live the Faith every day that our children get to witness is priceless. In addition to great academics, being part of the St. Michael family exposes our children to activities such as altar serving, choir, the school band, student government, and diocesan sports that are all designed to give them an opportunity to share their God given talents in a caring and supportive environment Chris and Emily, proud parents of 3 St. Michael students
As a teacher, I know my students succeed because I get to know them well and build a strong relationship with them. I know their strengths and weaknesses and work toward supporting or encouraging their learning through a variety of teaching, strategies, and modalities (and we have fun!) Teacher
As a teacher, I know my students succeed because I forge planned time throughout my day to assist one-on-one or in small group communities for students who need extra support or opportunities to exceed various content areas. I take time to listen to my students and allow them to ask questions or explain their understanding in different ways. Quite simply, I know my students. Teacher
St. Michael is the best school for your child because it offers the perfect combination of both academic and spiritual enrichment. Academic expectations are high and students are given the tools they need to meet those expectations. Spiritual growth and Catholic culture and identify are not just an afterthought at St. Michael. Teacher
We are already seeing the fruits of our kids Catholic education at St. Michael’s. Our two high schoolers are succeeding academically, especially in their theology classes. It has been very reassuring watching all of our kids grow, not only academically, but also in their faith and learning to be true disciples of Christ- you can’t get that in just any school! Parent
Our search for the right education for our children started well before they were born & never really stops. I can proudly say that our children attend a school that continues to constantly exceed our expectations both academically & spiritually. With such strong Catholic traditions & beliefs it’s no wonder I continue to see generations of families returning year after year. I look forward to my grandchildren continuing our tradition at St Michael School. Parent