Mission Statement & Core Belief


St. Michael School is a Catholic community committed to academic and moral excellence because Christ is the center of our lives.


  • Jesus Christ is the source and summit of all we do.
  • Teachers instruct using best practices to ensure high academic achievement for all learners.
  • Students, staff, and families put their faith into action by living the virtues.
  • Each member of our school community is a valued individual with unique spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs.
  • Families, staff, and the community work together to advance academic, moral, and social development in a safe learning environment.
  • St. Michael Warriors practice the virtue of patriotism to give due honor to God and country.

At St. Michael School, my children are given the tools they need to succeed spiritually, academically, and socially. The teachers are dedicated to the growth of each child in all of these areas; and as a parent, it is reassuring that our goals at home are shared in the school environment.