Tuition and Financial Aid

Applications are reviewed and approved on a first come first served basis with the parish families and those families with children already in the school taking precedence. When classes are full, waiting lists will be formed and vacancies will be filled with the following priorities:

  1. A family already in the school
  2. Participating parish family members
  3. Any non-participating parish members
  4. Members from other parishes
  5. Non-Catholic families

St. Michael remains committed to keeping tuition as low as possible and makes tuition assistance and parish subsidy available to support our parents’ choice to raise their children in the faith with a Catholic education.   

2022-2023 Tuition Rates: 

The first child participating rate is $4,978.   

The second child participating rate is $4,212. 

The third child participating rate is $3,446.  

The fourth and fifth child participating rate is $2,600.    

Participating rates apply to families whose pastor has signed the parish subsidy form to pay the difference between the non-participating rate and the participating rate.

If you are not currently active members of a parish, the non-participating rate for tuition in 2022-2023 will be $7,658 per child.

Financial Aid: St. Michael School offers several opportunities for financial aid, through the Diocese of Columbus’ diocesan grants and a variety of tuition assistance endowments.  Parish subsidy is also available. 

All financial aid begins with the completion of a Financial Aid application due March 15 each year through FACTS.  Apply here:

Tuition assistance is available to help bridge the gap for families who need it. We will customize financial support to work with families. 

If you did not apply for FACTS before March 15, but still wish to be considered for financial assistance, please contact St. Michael directly so we can take the first steps to assist you. You may send an email through the Contact form on this website.