Invitation to Support our Campus Safety with our Fence and Gate Project

St. Michael would earnestly like to replace the current back fence on our playground area to fill in a large car-sized hole and to add a visual barrier for increased safety.  The fence will join an additional fence to line the playground perimeter for added boundaries during recess. 

st. michael school campus safety plans

The project will benefit our parish and school community with fencing that contains a windshield, to limit our campus from outside viewing in a time of increased day traffic as more people are staying at home.

There will be a gate on the fence that opens on the ballfield facing the parking lot to allow ample room for vehicles and festival equipment to access as usual.  The gates will be manual gates, instead of motorized gates to reduce costs.

The project also includes replacing the current access gate near the gym doors with a new access gate moved to a different location. The new gate will be placed by the speed bump nearest the back lot to create a joined enclosure during the school day. The movement of the gate will effectively expand the area used for recess on a regular basis. 

The gate will also feature the Saint Michael name and image of the Archangel to represent our parish and school patron.  

We are grateful to Fr. Dinovo for his permission to pursue this project.  Special thanks to our St. Michael School Advisory Board members for making this a goal, especially Chris Meyers for lending his architectural skills with the proposal made that led to receiving the zoning permission from Worthington City to build.   

We are asking for donations to achieve an updated goal of $62,000 due to a significant increase in the cost of steel. We are asking for donations to achieve this goal without utilizing our parish or school budget during this year. We are happy to announce that we have already reached 50% of this goal and have received a $5,000 grant to help fund this project from The Catholic Foundation.

Donations can be made through PayPay or  you can visit our “Bridge the Gap” page here or make a check payable to St. Michael School noting the fence project in the memo line.  

Our goal is to raise the funds by April 30th.

Thank you for praying for the success of this safety addition. 

st. michael school campus fence
st. michael school campus safety
saint michael school fence concept